ZOO 2015

Entry tickets available at the door
for the registered party animals!


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2015-10-11 ZOO Webshop is open until 12th of October 12:00 Finnish time!

2015-10-09 Compo rules updated: Instructions on submitting the entries

2015-09-05 Schedule updated: New Live artist announced: HEALIUM!

2015-09-01 ZOO2015 webshop opens on Sunday, 6th of September 12:00 Finnish time!

2015-08-25 Attender list updated: As promised, ZOO2013 compo winners have a personal complimentary ticket!

2015-06-29 Facilities updated: More accomodation possibilities!

2015-06-26 Schedule is added: Live artists announced

2015-04-12 Preliminary ZOO website is launched!

In a nutshell

The Number One C-64 party in Finland is back!

The party place Viialan Seurahuone is an old society club at the centre of Viiala in the city of Akaa.

ZOO 2015 will be held at 23 - 25.10.2015.

The following C64 compos will be held: Music, Graphics, Disk Cover, PETSCII, Basic Demo, Demo, Party Decoration and Gaming. In addition, wild compo for any up-to-16-bit platform from the 1980ies.

Tickets and tokens will be sold for registered party animals. Tokens are sold ONLY in advance. Compo winners of ZOO 2013 will have a free entry.

We offer limited capacity of hotel accomodation. Sauna is warm on Friday and Saturday evenings. There will be live music / dj-set by demoscene-related artists.

Let us again make together the ZOO the best C64 event of the year!


ZOO 2015 is organized in co-operation with Party Factory.

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